‘We’re all friends and we just enjoy chilling here, enjoying the air and watching people. We’re just having fun. I, as the only guy here, look at ladies with big bottoms, the girls like siting here because of boys. We don’t have any other reason for sitting here asides seeing people that pass by. So … More

“I decided to surf a note, that’s why I’m sitting here. I come here often, almost every day. Most of the classes are occupied and I don’t like the library. People make me laugh here. Most times I’m with my friends. I have an ambition so I think it should be called chilling spot because … More

“We work together, we are having a meeting right now but it’s not formal. People seat here a lot during classes so maybe that’s why it’s called NFA.”

“We are chilling for girls, anyone can come meet us here, first come first serve. One time for someone another time for someone else, people we know though. This place is called NFA so anyone that comes to read here has NFA. We don’t mind the name though, we like the trees, the bats, we … More

“We were meant to have 4 classes but we’re done with the syllabus. We come here to chill, enjoy good air, good atmosphere, good views. You know, babes. Today we’ve seen girls with beautiful asses, we’ve seen guys with nice shoes but the girls we’ve seen, we don’t approach them, we just admire God’s creation. … More

“I’m in public administration, I’m actually waiting for someone, I don’t seat here normally. Oau has been helpful so far, helps me manage my time and balance things.I’m a direct entry student, it’s very different from polytechnic. I intend practising my course as a lecturer, I don’t mind lecturing in Oau, life to me is … More

‘I just finished a class by 2pm, I usually come here to chill. I call this place “a joint”I’m with my friends normally but today I’m alone. Whenever I’m with them we talk about the campus and how peaceful and natural it is, although they’ve been cutting trees but I think they have their purpose. … More

‘She’s my girlfriend, okay, truthfully she’s my friend but I want her to be my girlfriend. She’s forming for me. I hope we date though he says. We’ve sat here twice this semester,it’s a cool chilling spot but I suggest a change of name, maybe call it “chilling spot”.’

‘We are both in the department of English. We seat here a lot, find inspiration, catch fun. We call this place “the joker”. Right now we are talking about life, seeing beyond Oau. We both intend on investing into the global market, we are like business partners. Honestly, Oau shouldn’t get into our heads, it’s … More

“If you want to really do an interview here, you should come on monday. You’d get to see the actual guys that seat here, tou’d get an exclusive interview on Monday. People call this place NFA but everyone we’ve met here is actually future oriented, here you meet people of like minds, you see the … More