Hey guys, we hope your exams have been good so far, best of luck with them.

We are so sorry for the break in our activity and also, the quality of our recent content especially

through the month of March. Unfortunately, we have been quite busy also with different other

projects and academics.

However, April feels really good and we are glad to announce that we will be back fully this month. We also have a bit of a giveaway coming up! So stay tuned in.

We believe that the people we consider as legends really can tell a lot about us, our persons; so this April, we’re meeting up with people and we’re asking about their legends, why they consider them as legends and how have they imparted them.

The series is termed the “The Legend Series”.

We hope you enjoy it.


“My mom has been my legend. She has always been and will continue to always be. She has imparted my life in ways immeasurable, ways unquantifiable, because I couldn’t have been better if I’d landed somewhere else, with another family, with another mother. She has taught me the God way, how to love, what love really is and she is the type of mother that gives her time even when she’s busy. She

puts her family first and she has taught me to be independent, she hasn’t been dependent on any

human factor and she’s hardworking.

We lost my dad when I was 7 and she never even thought of getting family or seeking another man for support. She has brought us up alone. I’m the last child and all of my brothers are graduates, there’s a doctor, an economist and a medical lab attendant and I’m going to be a graduate too in a matter of days.

She has stood on her ground, she didn’t leave us and I’m proud of her, I love her and I wouldn’t

forget her, ever.”


The Legend Series 1/10


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