“My mom is my legend and I couldn’t go for someone else right now; she’s a very strong woman. Right now, we have some problems financially but she isn’t even broken. You wouldn’t know, you wouldn’t be able to tell that there’s something wrong. That tells on how strong, how unbreakable, she is.” The Legend … More

“Totally Michael Jackson. I’m a dancer and he’s the only one who’s different from the other dancers, he created his own style and way of dancing, he brought something different. I don’t see Kaffy or Don Flex as legends because they’re just the norm. Don flex is the brain behind all of P Square’s dance … More

‘My only legend is my mom. The only reason I’m alive is because of her. When things were hard and my dad wasn’t doing much, she was there to provide everything. Obviously, “I love you” is what I would say to her every day and I tell her because she’s still alive.’ Emmanuel The Legend … More

“Jesus Christ definitely, because of His perfection and I didn’t mention Jesus because I’m trying to be all Christian and upright. I really feel that he is humble and perfect and I’m also striving towards perfection so he’s just the best model to follow.”

“I’ll go for Olamide because of his storyline, he rose from grass to grace. He didn’t have anything and he tried so much to get everything, so I think he deserves to be called a legend both in Nigeria and in the world. He’s really a legend, a trademark for the struggle. I haven’t personally … More

“I consider myself a legend because I believe I can do anything. I have the power to do anything and when you have that power, then you really can call yourself a legend. There are many legends I’d like to be like, Mozart or J.F Sparks; because I play the piano too. how they create … More

“It is Ben Carson M.D. I’m a student of Medicine in part II. I see him as someone that’s been used by God to serve man, to save lives and bring people that have been written off back to a normal life standard. He is a paediatric neurosurgeon so he deals more with children. He … More

“It would be Kim Kardashian I see as a legend. I love that she’s been through a lot, people think badly of her kind of lifestyle but even at that, she doesn’t care what anyone says or think. She has this deal that makes her go for what she wants. She doesn’t allow what people … More

“It would be Martin Luther King because he really fought for the African Americans and more so, even peacefully, ensured their freedom and tried his best to reduce the segregation between whites and non-whites. He addressed racism from a non-violent perspective and he was successful. His life is really inspiring. Even though he was eventually … More

Hey guys, we hope your exams have been good so far, best of luck with them. We are so sorry for the break in our activity and also, the quality of our recent content especially through the month of March. Unfortunately, we have been quite busy also with different other projects and academics. However, April … More